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Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation and Analysis

HRYCAY Consulting Engineers has investigated over five thousand serious motor vehicle accidents across Canada and the United States. Our clients have included legal counsel acting on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs, national trucking firms, municipalities, major insurance companies, independent adjusters , and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


Heavy Vehicle Accidents

At HRYCAY, we are specialists in heavy vehicle accident investigation and engineering analysis relating to this group of vehicles. We have specialized training and experience in the air brake systems, the suspension systems, the steering systems, the active and passive electronic safety systems on these vehicles, and the trailer and dolly coupling devices unique to heavy vehicles.


Motorcycle Accidents

The investigation of motorcycle accidents requires specialized knowledge and experience in motorcycle dynamics and rider control. Several of the HRYCAY engineers are licensed recreational and competitive riders. Accident scene evidence is often scarce or ambiguous and requires expert interpretation. HRYCAY Consulting Engineers have the specialized knowledge and experience to do the job thoroughly and professionally.


Pedestrian / Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle and pedestrian accident investigations are much different from vehicle-to-vehicle collisions due to the small amount of obvious physical evidence available at the scene. With the large disparity in object weights, the elastic and articulated nature of a pedestrian, and the various trajectories associated with an impact, special training and experience are needed to identify evidence and carry out an engineering analysis.


Injury Biomechanics

Our biomechanics professionals have graduate degrees in Biomechanical Engineering and state-of-the-art experience in product design and qualification testing of vehicle systems, seatbelts, and helmets.


Highway Design, Construction and Maintenance

These accident scenarios frequently involve a single vehicle with curves in the road, or deep drainage ditches, or snow-covered roadways, but also include multi vehicle construction zone accidents often involving fatalities which sometimes initiate an action being brought against a road authority and/or its Contractor for design or construction defect or non-repair of the roadway . HRYCAY has been retained by the Canadian Department of Justice; municipal Insurers in the Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta ; and by others in the USA including the State of Ohio on these issues.


Visibility and Collision Avoidance

Full-scale studies are most often carried out in order to understand the subtleties of a scene. Environmental, natural or artificial lighting, vehicle, and object conditions must also be considered in detail in conjunction with the approach paths and speeds to understand the situation being confronted by a motorist.