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Our engineers specialize in downloading and interpreting data from Electronic Data Recorders (EDR) on all makes and models of passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and commercial motor vehicles. These EDRs may be associated with the vehicles engine, the air bag system, the ABS system, GPS systems or collision avoidance systems including on board camera recordings. These recorders are sometimes referred to as “black boxes.” Some vehicles have more than one component or device that may need to be downloaded and our engineers are trained in recognizing which components need to be secured. These devices may contain data relevant to accident reconstruction such as pre-crash speed, engine RPM, brake status and more.

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The engineers at HRYCAY have the tools and software to download engine control modules/units (ECMs or ECUs) from all makes and models of heavy trucks and commercial vehicles. As of May 1, 2014, HRYCAY Consulting Engineers became one of four engineering firms authorized to download Volvo and Mack engines in North America and we are the only firm located in Canada. For more information on Volvo/Mack downloads click here.

HRYCAY Consulting Engineers is also able to download airbag control modules (ACMs) from passenger vehicles. Whether or not the airbags have deployed in an accident there may be valuable information stored on the vehicle’s ACM. The Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tool is used to access the data in the majority of manufacturer’s ACMs, while some manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia have their own ACM download tools. Our engineers have the capability and training to download and interpret the data on all passenger vehicle ACMs.

It should be noted that although EDRs exists in most vehicles on the road today, and the data provides key information of events leading up to the accident, the data is just one component of an overall accident investigation and should be used in conjunction with other evidence to support engineering opinions as they relate to the reconstruction.